It's time to save some money on your wedding film... because my computer is too slow.

When writing blog posts about your business, you might tend to hold up a curtain to hide ultimate truths about what your plans are, or how you operate. At least I do. I want the business to sound like this glorious thing that is super professional and elegant.

Talk to my wife. I am not elegant. In fact, I’m clumsy sometimes, or a lot of the time.

But I love shooting wedding films. I think mostly because of the cool people I get to meet and that I get be super creative with their special day. I’m always looking for ways for my next film to be better than my last, and minus one piece of gear, I handle that well.

However, the time has come. And here is the honesty. My computer is too slow to handle the editing I'd like to be doing.

How do I fix that? I buy a new computer. I don’t do this gig full time. Though I’d like to, I still work a regular 9-5, so presently I average about 5 weddings/jobs a year, so it’s hard to save up the money to buy things I need to operate at faster speeds.

My prices start at $2500 for a 3-5 minute video plus what ever add-on’s you want. Package #2 is $3,000 for a 2 song film, roughly 7-9 minutes long. $3k is a lot of money. But it’s there because I spend a lot of time crafting the story of your film.

So get ready for this.

I’m offering Package #2 at $2,100. That’s a savings of $900

Yeah, that’s pretty big, And it’s an awesome deal because package #2 is my favorite edit. It gives me a chance to really dig in and tell the story of your wedding day.

So, you wanna save $900 on a your wedding film?

I’m offering this deal for 2 weeks. Message me through facebook, email, instagram, or my phone and tell me you want to save $900 on your wedding film and let’s get to work making memories you can share with your friends and family.

I try to be elegant, but I’m just a goofy guy who likes to make beautiful and fun wedding films.

I try to be elegant, but I’m just a goofy guy who likes to make beautiful and fun wedding films.

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If you are interested in working with us and this new piece of gear, book us!